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Quest for accountability. Exploring the evaluation process of universities

Journal Article - 2015

Author: Minelli E., Rebora G., Turri M.

The article explores the organisational impact of evaluation and control mechanisms on universities from the point of view of accountability. Three case studies are analysed with the aim of understanding the significance of these systems both at corporate governance level and in relation to their influence on the behaviour of the academic staff. Open-ended, in-depth… more

The Diverse Patterns and the Diverse Causes of Migration and Mobility in Science

Journal Article - 2015


Five major themes are often addressed in the discourse of mobility in science: The definition and classification of the persons in mind (scholars, academics, researchers, etc,), the frequency and the configuration of mobility, the role mobility and migration plays for the individuals, the role they play for institutions (universities, research institutes, enterprises, etc.), and finally… more

“Attuazione della Legge 240/2010: i risultati della prima survey sugli Atenei statali”

- 2014

Author: Capano, Giliberto - Regini, Marino - Rostan, Michele - Turri, Matteo -


Participation, equality of opportunity and returns to tertiary education in contemporary Europe

Journal Article - 2014

Author: Gabriele Ballarino, Fabrizio Bernardi

The aim of the paper is to investigate the consequences of the expansion of higher education on two goals of the education system: promoting equity of educational opportunities and providing credentials that facilitate the matching of labour supply and demand. The first goal is typically studied by research on inequality of educational opportunity; the second… more

The Italian Labour Market as Perceived by Outstanding Upper Secondary School-Leavers

Journal Article - 2014

Author: Giancarlo Gasperoni

The article reports a set of findings drawn form a larger research programme, promoted by Italy’s National Federation of Knights of Labour, aiming to supply a profile of social characteristics and the tertiary education choices of particularly gifted students, who are contacted one year after having earned their upper secondary school diplomas. More specifically, results… more

The new Italian agency for the evaluation of the university system (ANVUR): a need for governance or legitimacy?

Journal Article - 2014

Author: Matteo Turri

After nearly 20 years of evaluation in Italian higher education, a new national agency for the evaluation of the university system (ANVUR) came into being in 2011. This article traces the history of evaluation in Italian universities, discussing the tasks assigned to the national evaluation bodies and their functions within the university system. In order… more

The permanent liminality. Transition and liminal change in the Italian university. A theoretical framework and early evidences

Chapter in edited book - 2014

Author: Massimiliano Vaira

Starting from the observation that in organizational studies the concept of transition is dealt more as an evocative term rather than an analytical object, the essay deals with transition and liminality applied to organizational change both in theoretical and empirical perspective. Firstly it provides a conceptual definition of transition and liminality. Secondly, a general theoretical… more

Nessuno mi può giudicare? L’università e la valutazione

Monograph - 2013

Author: Gianfranco Rebora



Varieties of Governance. Dynamics, Strategies, Capacities

The study of governance may be currently in fashion, but it is also a firmly-established lens through which the complexities of contemporary policy making can be analysed while examining the ways in which a society and its political processes are organized and steered. [...]